Steve G. Jones - Weight Loss Hypnosis Pro

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Steve G. Jones - Weight Loss Hypnosis Pro

Steve G. Jones - Weight Loss Hypnosis Pro
5 Audio CDs in MP3 @ 128 Kbps + Manuals in PDF | Language: English | 289 MB
Bonus ebooks included

Hypnosis will help you carry on and break the habits of failing and stopping during those crucial moments in your weight loss journey.

Now you, like me should be excited about the fact that your brain can be retrained. But it’s even better than you’re thinking because retraining your brain doesn’t take years, it doesn’t even have to take months when you access a breakthrough system like Weight Loss Hypnosis Pro. It’s an at-home 5 sessions audio packed with powerful hypnotic suggestions that focus you quickly for permanent success in diet and exercise.

When You Use Weight Loss Hypnosis Pro System, You’ll Become Slim Healthily…

Because Weight Loss Hypnosis Pro is designed to retrain your subconscious mind quickly. At its core is the power of hypnosis, which reprograms the mind, ridding it of bad habits, replacing them with vibrant, positive and new habits that will help you with your weight loss desires in a natural and long-lasting way.
You can use this program alone or use it as a complement product for your current diet and workout plan, because it is proven to speed up and strengthen the overall result.

This isn’t a program that will help you shed a few pounds right away, only to see them packed on again after you finish your program, as is the case with the majority of weight loss systems.

Here your conscious self will lower its defenses and step aside, which then let my voice communicates straight to your subconscious, breaking through the barrier and allowing all the long buried bad habits to be reborn into new habits that are essential at helping you lose weight, feeling more energetic and attractive.

5 Premium At-Home Hypnosis Sessions:

Module 1: Self-Belief Redesign Session
Self-belief is the first step to greatness. This session is designed to help you think positively about yourself. You will start feeling positive life energy penetrating every cell of your body. You will automatically have what you need to reach your weight loss goals in every situation for the rest of your life.

Module 2: Habits Quick-Switch Session
The best diet and exercise plan wouldn’t work if you have developed bad habits. This session is designed to reprogram your subconscious to eliminate bad habits you picked up as a child or adult. You will no longer feel the need to finish everything on your plate; you are able to control portion sizes; no more late night eating and emotional eating etc.

Module 3: Diet Plan Transformer Session
As the name suggests, this session will plant a set of good diet habits and ideas into your mind naturally. Getting the right nutrition will affect how your body performs in daily life. You will start to love whole grains, vegetables and fruits which provide you energy and vitamins.

Module 4: Exercise Motivator Session
How would you like to feel motivated to want to get fit and attractive. This session would install an irresistible desire in your mind to ensure you get up to exercise. As you see yourself exercising you also see yourself very focused on the beautiful body you are creating. You will never find any excuse like a child not to get up and exercise.

Module 5: Slim-Forever Maintenance Session
This session contains concentrated set of suggestions to refresh and recharge everything your subconscious mind learned during the program. Use it anytime that you would like a little mental reinforcement. This session is a powerful weapon to keep the fat at the bay!

Getting Started Simple Guide

Introduction & Instruction – Audio File
Here’s where your journey of permanent weight loss begins: A brief audio introduction on myself and Weight Loss Hypnosis Pro. I will also explain how to use this program at home to maximize the benefits and results.

About This Program – Report
Similar to “Introduction & Instruction” audio but in PDF format. Besides that this report will show you a few simple and magic rules you can follow in your journey of weight loss. No other products in the market will ever tell you these secrets but they are all revealed in this short report.

About Hypnosis – Report
This report explains hypnosis in simple terms, misconception about hypnosis, how does hypnosis work, the usage plus benefits of using the incredible hypnosis in daily life. A little interesting test is also included to help you feel the power of hypnosis!

Frequently Asked Questions – Report
A report on frequently asked questions regarding hypnosis. This helps you to better understand hypnosis and eliminate any doubts or misconception about hypnosis.