Red Dwarf - Season 4

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Red Dwarf - Season 4

Red Dwarf - Season 4
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Genre: Sci-Fi Britcom - TV SHOW, UK

By the end of this fourth year, Red Dwarf had completed its metamorphosis from a modest studio-bound sitcom with a futuristic premise to a full-blown science-fiction series, complete with a relatively lavish (by BBC standards) special-effects budget, more impressive sets and more location shooting. Despite the heavier emphasis on SF, the character-based comedy remained as sharp as ever. Witness the Cat's reaction to Lister's pus-filled exploding head; Kryten's devastatingly sarcastic defence of Rimmer; or, the classic scene that opens the series, Lister teaching Kryten to lie. (Source:

Each episode is ~30 minutes long

Episode list:
* 1. Camille
* 2. DNA
* 3. Justice
* 4. White Hole
* 5. Dimension Jump
* 6. Meltdown folder

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