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The Magic School Bus

Posted By: grafitti
The Magic School Bus - 21 Episodes
Each episode average specs: DivX Avi / MPG | VCD quality | 480 x 250 | 800kbps | 30:00 | 150MB
In a small grade school, one class has a unique way of learning about the world with their teacher, Ms. Frizzle. To illustrate the science concepts they discuss, they always on a field trip on the Magic Schoolbus, a magic vehicle that can literally go anywhere and be anything as the class explores space, the arctic, the human body in order to have a first hand experience of the principles of science.

Please note: Video quality is rather low. It's followed this path:
1: TV-rip to VHS
2: VHS-rip to MPG
3: MPG to VCD
4: VCD to AVI
So download and enjoy, just be aware it isn't a dvd-rip. :(

Password for all files: grafitti



Butterfly and Bog Beast

Flexes Its Muscles

For Lunch

Gets Ants In Its Pants

Getting Energized

Gets Eaten

Gets Lost In Space

Goes To Seed

Hops Home

In A Beehive

Inside Ralphie

In the Haunted House

In the Rain Forest

Kicks Up A Storm

On the Beach
Plays Ball

Ready, Set, Dough

Spins A Web

Taking Flight

Under Construction

Blows Its Top