French in Action Basic Video Course 52 Lessons

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French in Action Basic  Video Course 52 Lessons

French in Action Basic Video Course 52 Lessons
Pierre Capretz | English-French | Subtitle: English | 20:28:49 | Avi | 5.9 GB

French in Action is a French-language course developed by Professor Pierre Capretz of Yale University. The course includes workbooks, textbooks, and a 52-episode television series. The series — the best-known aspect of the course — was produced in 1987 by WGBH, Yale University, and Wellesley College, and funded by Annenberg/CPB, and has been aired frequently on PBS since then.

French info

French in Action est un cours de langue française mis au point par le professeur Pierre Capretz de l'Université de Yale. Le cours comprend des cahiers d'exercices, les manuels, et un 52-épisode de séries télévisées. La série - l'aspect le plus connu de la formation - a été produit en 1987 par WGBH, Yale University, et Wellesley College, et financé par l'Annenberg / CPB, et a été diffusé sur PBS souvent depuis.

The episodes are divided as follows
1. "Orientation"
2–4. "Genesis"
5. "Families"
6–7. "Portraits"
8. "Genealogy"
9–10. "Vacation in Brittany"
11–13. "Encounters"
14–16. "Getting Underway"
17–18. "In All Labor There Is Profit"
19–21. "Entering School Zone"
22–23. "Fishing for an Invitation"
24–26. "Bills of Fare"
27–31. "All Manner of Transportation"
32–35. "Residences"
36–40. "Entertainment"
41–42. "A Matter of Chance"
43–45. "Think Vacation"
46. "Getting Away"
47. "What Variety!"
48. "What Riches!"
49. "What a Nightmare!"
50. "More Variety, More Riches"
51. "Parade and Review"
52. "All's Well That Ends Well"

part 18 reuploaded


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