Gahan Wilson's Diner (1992)

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Gahan Wilson's Diner (1992)

Gahan Wilson's Diner (1992)
English | 6 mins | DivX | 116Mb | 704x480 | PAL | VHS-Rip | Video Rate: 1500 kbps | Audio MP3 (48000Hz 192 kb/s)
Genre: Animation | Short

A rookie trucker stops at a nightmare diner where a reptilian cook tries to put him on the menu.

Traditional cel drawings combine with computer animation to bring Playboy cartoonist Gahan Wilson's macabre vision to life.

There is no talking in this short story, the animation is like something out of a children's book. The animation is very fluid and surreal - e you can expect anything to happen at any second. A very great short story to watch during or around Halloween or any time.

Directors: Graham Morris and Karen Peterson (USA)

Gahan Wilson's Diner (1992)

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