Ghost: In Your Arms Again (2010)

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Ghost: In Your Arms Again (2010)

Gosuto – Ghost: In Your Arms Again (2010)
DVDRip - shinostarr | AVI | 720 x 304 | XviD 724kbps 25.000fps | MP3 VBR 128kbps (2 chnls) 48.0KHz
Language: Japanese | Subtitle: English | 115min | 700.16MB
Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Mystery | Romance | Thriller

Director: Taro Otani
Nanami Hoshino (Nanako Matsushima), a wealthy entrepreneur, marries Korean potter Kim Jun-ho (Song Seung-heon), and they both live a seemingly happy life. Then, one year after their marriage, Nanami is killed by a biker on her way home. This tragedy leaves Jun-ho completely devastated. At the hospital, Nanami’s ghost arises from her body, and upon meeting a ghost child (Mana Ashida), she realizes that she is a ghost whose presence cannot be seen. She then realizes that her death was no coincidence and Jin-ho is in imminent danger. Unable to communicate with normal humans, Nanami seeks help from the elderly psychic Unten (Kirin Kiki) in hopes of saving Jin-ho’s life.

Ghost: In Your Arms Again (2010)