Help! I'm a Fish DvdRip (Repost)

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Help! I'm a Fish DvdRip (Repost)

Help! I'm a Fish DvdRip
AVI DivX | video 155kbps 592x336 | audio MP3 128kbps | 699MB | 77min | english language

Three children–Fly, Chuck and Stella–are on a clandestine fishing trip, when they stumble upon a mad professor whose potion transforms humans into fish. Stella innocently drinks the liquid, becomes a starfish and is thrown into the ocean. In an attempt to save her, the boys follow suit with Fly changing into a Californian flyfish and Chuck into a jellyfish.
The antidote falls into the hands (or fins!) of a pilot fish, Joe, who drinks it and acquires human intelligence, the power of speech, a tyrannical desire for world control and a following of militant crabs. The threesome has 48 hours to retrieve the antidote, or they will remain fish forever.
Traditional hand-drawn cartoons are interspersed with more modern computerised animations. The variety of life underwater is beautifully portrayed, adding greatly to the colour and interest of the film. There are several key themes including the importance of intelligence, determination and friends and of being kind to animals and respecting the environment.