Mythbusters - Season 4(Complete)

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Mythbusters - Season 4(Complete)

Mythbusters - Season 4(Complete)
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Who are the MythBusters? Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are the hosts and the MythBusters. Joining them are Tory Belleci, Grant Imahara and the very lovely Kari Byron. What do they do? The show takes myths like Can you put a jawbreaker into the microwave? and has to state whether the myth in their opinions Busted (the myth is wrong), Confirmed (the myth is right), or Plausible (it could possibly happen)
Each episode takes a different look at myths from ages ago or ones that they have just heard about. The show also gets a lot of myths from its website were fans go on to submit myths to the show.
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×01.Newspaper.Crossbow
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×02.Shredded.Plane
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×03.Archimedes.Death.Ray.Revisited
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×04.Helium.Football
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×05.Franklin’s.Kite
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×06.Helium.Raft,.Cell.Phone.on.Airplanes
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×07.Bullets.Fired.Up
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×08.Myths.Reopened
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×09.Mind.Control
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×10.Exploding.Pants
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×11.Crimes and Myth-Demeanors.1
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×12.Breakfast.Cereal,.Steam.Cannon
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×13.Whirlpool.Myth,.Snowplow
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×14.Coke.and.Mentos
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×15.Shattering.Subwoofer,.Rough.Road.Driving
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×16.Crimes.and.Myth-Demeanors.2
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×17.Earthquake.Machine
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×18.Deadly.Straw
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×19.Mega.Movie.Myths
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×20.Killer.Cable.Snaps
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×21.Air.Cylinder.Rocket
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×22.More.Myths.Revisited
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×23.Exploding.Lighter
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×24.Concrete.Glider
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×25.Firearms.Folklore
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×26.Anti-Gravity Device
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×27.Holiday.Special
Season 4/Mythbusters.4×28.22,000.Foot.Fall

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