Night Call Nurses (1972)

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Night Call Nurses (1972)

Night Call Nurses (1972)
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Genre: Thriller

Director: Jonathan Kaplan
Writers: George Armitage, Danny Opatoshu
Stars: Patty Byrne, Alana Stewart, Mittie Lawrence

The sweet and perky Barbara, the sunny Janis, and the responsible Sandra are a trio of young and attractive nurses who work in the psych ward at a hospital. The threesome really have their hands full dealing with nutty patients, creepy stalkers, and black revolutionaries.

Just recently started to view some of the work of the classic Roger Corman B movies and I must say that this 70's flick "Night Call Nurses" is plenty of fun. And true this is not your typical hospital of helping caring nurses, that is in the way you would think. As these gals are the type that will bend over backwards and break the rules to have a feel good fun time. These ladies help the desperate and deranged it's like giving into all of their patients intensive needs. You name it this film has it all from car chases, prison escapes,explosions, to strange late night love making scenes. These are the type of nurses that any man would want to check into the hospital for! Roger was clearly different a rule breaker a guy who made film for fun and with this picture it shows! Overall this is one feel good guilt pleasure flick.
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Night Call Nurses (1972)

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