Roary The Racing Car - Roary Takes Off (2008)

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Roary The Racing Car - Roary Takes Off (2008)

Roary The Racing Car - Roary Takes Off (2008)
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Join Roary, the little bright-red, cheeky and energetic single seater, Big Chris and their amazing racing car friends for some more adventures at Silver Hatch Racetrack. From the popular pre-school TV series Roary the Racing Car (and featuring the voice of Peter Kay).


Roary Takes Off
Big Chris tries to create a cleaner way of fuelling Roary but things don't go quite as planned…
Cici Takes The Blame
Marsha is furious when she finds tyre marks all over her picnic blanket, who could the culprit be?
Easy On The Fuel
Silverhatch Racetrack has run out of fuel. Maxi doesn't conserve fuel, will he be able to join in?
Big Chris’s Big Workout
Marsha challenges Big Chris to a running race, does he stand a chance against the super fit marshal?
Roary Slips Up
Roary has spilt oil on the track but doesn’t clean it up properly, how will the cars manage?
Express Delivery
Big Chris needs eggs for breakfast, can Roary get them back from the farm without breaking them?
Roary’s Day At The Seaside
Big Chris and Roary have gone to the beach but will they make it back in time for the race?

Roary The Racing Car - Roary Takes Off (2008)

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