Seapower History Of Naval Warfare 6of6 U Boat 534

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Seapower History Of Naval Warfare 6of6 U Boat 534

Seapower History Of Naval Warfare 6of6 U Boat 534
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Genre: Documentary

From the ancient times great empires have grown stronger through military expansion and Seapower, traces the rise and use of navies as tools of war.
It is a two-DVD series that begins with the ancient Egyptians and runs through naval development into the modern era.
There is something for almost every military historian here with great descriptions and animations of galley battles, the times of the Spanish Armada, the age of fighting sail and Admiral Horatio Nelson, the first ironclads seen in the Civil War, the development of steel battleships and aircraft carriers, and perhaps the deadliest naval vessel built - the submarine.
Seapower has six broad chapters and within those themes the documentary broadens out to explore major incidents, technological advances and fascinating stories.
Even for someone who knows a lot about naval matters there will be plenty of new information in all of the chapters.
The production values are excellent with great photography, excellent animations and first-class scripting and narration. On top of that there are naval history experts who add an excited interest into proceedings.