Snow White (Repost)

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Snow White (Repost)

Snow White (animated) [DVD rip]
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In Snow White, we find a very simple story. The existence of a princess named Snow White (voiced by Adriana Caselotti) threatens the vanity of her stepmother the Queen (Lucille LaVerne); according to the Spirit of the Magic Mirror (Moroni Olsen), Snow’s more beautiful, and Queenie can’t stand to have any competition in this area. As such, she sends a huntsman (Stuart Buchanan) to kill Snow. However, he can’t bring himself to slay her, so fakes it and simply warns her to go into hiding.

While lost in a spooky forest, Snow eventually happens upon a quaint little cottage which she soon learns is occupied by seven tiny dudes, the titular dwarfs. They quickly grow to love her as they all become one happy family. Unfortunately, the Queen learns that Snow’s still among the living, so she sets out to finish the job herself. She transforms herself into an old witch and tempts Snow with a poisoned apple. This appears to kill Snow, but by the end, a kiss from Prince Charming (Harry Stockwell) revives her, and the two live happily ever after. The queen gets hers as well.