The World at War (1973): Episodes 13-24

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The World at War (1973): Episodes 13-24

The World at War 13-24
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Thames Television's acclaimed film history of the Second World War stands as one of the most massive undertakings in television documentary history.

The World at War (1973): Episodes 13-24

Months of painstaking research led to some spectacular results. Amongst those interviewed were Hitler's Armaments Minister, Albert Speer; Himmler's Adjutant, Karl Wolff; Hitler's Secretary, Traudl Junge; Hollywood star and USAAF bomber pilot, James Stewart; then Foreign Secretary, later Prime Minister, Anthony Eden, and Head of RAF Bomber Command, Arthur 'Bomber' Harris.
The World at War has since been broadcast in nearly 100 countries around the world, and given its length, it is certain that it is showing somewhere at any given moment in time. It has won many 'outstanding documentary' accolades including an International Emmy.

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