Thomas and Friends - Season 4 (1995)

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Thomas and Friends - Season 4 (1995)

Thomas and Friends - Season 4 (1995)
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Thomas and Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series of books written by Rev. W. Awdry.
Season 4 is narrated by Michael Angelis, although George Carlin narrates the episodes for American audiences. The first half of the season focuses mainly on flashbacks to the Mid Sodor Railway and, not in flashbacks, the Skarloey Railway.

Thomas and Friends - Season 4 (1995)


01 - "Granpuff"
Thomas tells the story of Duke, a Narrow Gauge engine who the younger engines admired. But when his line closed, the old engine was put away in a shed.

02 - "Sleeping Beauty"
Thomas continues his story of Duke. The railway decides to search for him, but his shed was long since covered. But they know Duke is around, and continue the grand search.

03 - "Bulldog"
Falcon is sent to take the Mountain Line with Duke. Falcon doesn't pay attention to where he's going, and winds up dangling from a cliff with Duke holding tight.

03 - "You Can't Win!"
Duke isn't feeling well, and Stuart teases him for it. Soon, he is too ill to manage on his own, so Falcon and Stuart assist him. But Duke has enough energy for a trick on Stuart.

04 - "Four Little Engines"
On the Narrow Gauge Railway, the coaches derail Sir Handel, meaning he can't work. Meanwhile, Skarloey is itching for a good run, but might be too old to work.

05 - "A Bad Day for Sir Handel"
When Skarloey and Rheneas become overworked, Peter Sam and Sir Handel come to help. But Sir Handel is in a grumpy mood today, and only makes it worse for himself.

06 - "Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady"
Peter Sam is pleased running the line on his own. But Henry's threat to leave if he isn't on time makes him rush, and he accidentally leaves the Refreshment Lady behind.

07 - "Trucks!"
Sir Handel doesn't feel like working, so Gordon suggests he feign illness. But the trucks don't know it's now Peter Sam there, and they go ahead with a scheme.

08 - "Home at Last"
Skarloey returns home, and meets Rusty and Peter Sam. He also meets Duncan, a rude and careless engine. Soon, Skarloey has to rescue him from under a fallen tunnel.
09 - "Rock 'n' Roll"
Duncan is cross about Rusty telling him what to do when he simply advised him. With a tip from James, Duncan is off on his own and heading for trouble.

10 - "Special Funnel"
Peter Sam's funnel is still in bad condition. He has been promised a new funnel, but he starts to lose hope in it, especially when an icicle hits his broken funnel.

11 - "Steamroller"
Sir Handel wants to prove his wheels make him superior, so he agrees to handle George, a rude steam roller. But George and Sir Handel are too evenly hot-headed.

12 - "Passengers and Polish"
Duncan complains about not getting a polish while the passengers and other engines get such luxuries. He gets so cross that he decides, "No polish means no passengers."

13 - "Gallant Old Engine"
Skarloey wants to talk some sense into Duncan, so he tells the story of Rheneas. Rheneas once went through a steep hill and crude weather for the sake of the passengers.

14 - "Rusty to the Rescue"
A new engine is needed, and Rusty suggests that he searches the spot Oliver was found - the Scrapyard. Only diesels go there, so Rusty sets out bravely on his mission.

15 - "Thomas and Stepney"
Thomas is cross when the visiting engine Stepney is talked about more than he is. It doesn't help his anger when he is shunted on his own branch line for Stepney that night.

16 - "Train Stops Play"
During a game of cricket, the ball is hit far enough that it lands in one of Stepney's trucks. The team wants their ball back, so they chase him in Caroline, an old car.

17 - "Bowled Out"
Stepney's visit is coming to an end, but a new visitor has just arrived. This one - the Diesel - is rude and snobbish. But an inspector's hat soon puts him in his place.

18 - "Henry and the Elephant"
Henry is upset when James gets to take the Circus train. But he is called to investigate a blocked tunnel, where he unhappily comes across part of the circus.

19 - "Toad Stands By"
Oliver is sad when the trucks tease him for his accident. Toad has a plan to put the silly trucks in their place. But the trucks' leader, S.C. Ruffey, is the one who really pays.

20 - "Bulls Eyes"
Daisy scoffs at Toby and his cowcatchers, thinking they're no use at all. But she comes across a bull on the line that will need more than a command to move away.

21 - "Thomas and The Special Letter"
The engines are going to England for part of a display. But as Thomas shows Oliver how to work in his place, he gets too cocky and almost gets himself out of going.

22 - "Paint Pots and Queens"
As Her Majesty the Queen plans to visit the Island, Thomas and Gordon have made up for their disgrace, and a paint accident with Henry opens up some jobs for them.

23 - "Fish!"
Extra vans are added onto the Flying Kipper, and Henry needs a back engine as a result. Duck offers to help, but a badly attached lamp causes problems.

24 - "Special Attraction"
Toby is upset about not being a special attraction this year, but soon learns he's fine just being himself, for a rude barge named Bulstrode is about to get his due.

25 - "Mind that Bike!"
The postman, Tom Tipper, is upset about losing his van and having to ride a bike to deliver the mail. Thankfully, Percy accidenty flattens it forcing him to get his van back.

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