Tokyo Decadence (1992) Topâzu

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Tokyo Decadence (1992) Topâzu

Tokyo Decadence (1992)
BDRip 1080p | MKV | 1792x1080 | x264 @ 9212 Kbps | 112 min | 8,89 Gb
Audio: Deutsch and 日本語 - each DTS 2.0 @ 960 kbps; English AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subs: English
Genre: Art-house, Drama, Pinku

Director: Ryû Murakami
Writers: Ryû Murakami (book), Ryû Murakami (screenplay)
Stars: Miho Nikaido, Yayoi Kusama, Sayoko Amano

A submissive hooker goes about her trade, suffering abuse at the hands of Japanese salarymen and Yakuza types. She's unhappy about her work, and is apparently trying to find some sort of appeasement for the fact that her lover has married.

A shimmering brightness infuses "Tokyo Decadence". The neon-blasted streets, the eerie, artificial glow of offices and hotel rooms, even the translucent glow of daylight insinuates under the skin of the film.

The antiheroine of the film passes through a sexual Seven-Circles-of-Hell in Tokyo, used and battered by clients, gangsters and even friends who ply her with drugs and subversive sex. None of the sexuality is erotic, but it's also not presented as obscene or tragic. The spare, minimal approach to the dialogue heightens the tension and sense of dislocation. The film presents sex as a matter-of-fact commodity, flesh as spiritual bargaining tool in return for a temporary escape from alienation and fear.

It's an intriguing film, difficult to watch but rich in visual beauty and its subtextual dimensions are quite rewarding. The film fetishizes everything to the point of abstraction. The city of Tokyo becomes a gleaming morass of lights, skyscrapers and soullessness.

A brutal and delicate work of art.
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Tokyo Decadence (1992) Topâzu

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