3d Total Training DVD Series v2 [Full DVD]

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3d Total Training DVD Series v2 [Full DVD]

3d Total Training DVD Series v2 [Full DVD] | 3.81 GB

The aim of our training DVD's are to provide the artist with the most comprehensive set of lessons available. This is achieved by presenting the training material in the form of full screen step by step movies and audio instructions.

Modelling Section: Creating a template box

Editable Poly Tools -
• Edge Tools
• Ring
• Loop
• Connect
• Chamfer

Polygon Tools -
• Bevel
• Inset
• Hinge from Edge

Border Tools
• Bridge

Editable Splines
Assigning Smoothing Groups
• Lathe
• Extrude
• Bend

Linking objects in a heirarchy
Animating gun components

Mapping & Unwrapping Section
Planar and Cylindrical Mapping
Unwrapping a Mesh
Exporting a template

Texturing Section
Using the Material Editor
Applying a material

Learn how to make:
• Colour Map
• Specular Map
• Bump Map
• Reflection Map
Using a Blend Material with a Mask

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