Asterix and Cleopatra Animated DvdRip

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Asterix and Cleopatra Animated  DvdRip

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So you've seen Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra?
Well, you ain't seen nothin yet!
The truth about the Queen of the Nile and her relationship with Julius Caesar is finally revealed in this highly successful, sword-swinging, slapstick animated feature.
Caesar insults the beautiful Cleopatra, by telling her that her nation is only fit to live in under semi-slavery by the Romans. She decides to prove him wrong by building a wonderful palace in Alexandria in less than three months.
But how can she achieve the impossible? Luckily Artifis, one of Cleopatra's incompetent architects knows of a grand Gallic druid by the name of Getafix who arrives accompanied by his two friends none other than Asterix and Obelix…
History was never this much fun!