Asterix - The 12 Tasks (DVD-Rip)

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Asterix - The 12 Tasks (DVD-Rip)

Asterix - The 12 Tasks (DVD-Rip)
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Julius Caesar has had it up to here with the little Gallic village, its inhabitants the Gauls and their magic potions. He summons his chief counsellors to sort out the problem. But what if the Gauls are GODS?
Caesar decides to prove the Gauls are indeed mere mortals and not gods by assigning them certain tasks which only the gods could perform. Caesar and his counsellors draw up a new set of twelve dangerous and difficult tasks.
The chief of the village, Vitalstatistik immediately decided that their only hope of succeeding is with Asterix who is the cleverest and Obelix, the strongest.
So let the tasks begin…