The Crocodile Hunter Volume 6 DvdRip

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Crocodiles Of The Revolution East Timor in the Indonesian archipelago was a war zone and the troops of the Australian Army discovered two crocodiles that were living in appalling conditions. Steve and his team from Australia Zoo were called to the rescue they built two new state of the art enclosures and Steve undertook the most death defying crocodile rescue he has ever attempted.

Grahams Revenge Graham is one of Australias Zoo most formidable crocodiles. Everyone was relieved when the capture and release of Graham and his feisty girlfriend Bindi into their new enclosure went off without a hitch. Several weeks after the move, however, Steve and his best friend Wes were forced to enter Grahams enclosure disaster struck and Wes was attacked. Steve came to the rescue by jumping on the crocs back. Wes escaped with his life but was badly mauled. Graham had his revenge.