Dasepo Girls

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Dasepo Girls

Dasepo Girls (Korean Movie)
XViD | 640 x 352 | 850 kbps | 111m | Year 2006 | Romantic | English subtitle


Museulmo Highschool, full of students with sexuality confusions and student body presidents enjoying their SM taste publicly, is just so famous for its sexy tradition. But even in Museulmo Highschool, there are those weirdos you can never miss. ‘Poor Girl’ who earns money for her family by sleeping with old men, Anthony the luxurious cute-guy from Switzerland, ‘One eye’ the school-only-virgin are those. ‘Poor Girl’ falls in love with Anthony at first sight. Meanwhile Anthony is struck by One Eye’s brother ‘Two Eyes’ and feels confused about his sexuality. What a world for these young, hot-boiled teenagers!


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