Horizon - How Does Your Memory Work?

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Horizon - How Does Your Memory Work?

Horizon - How Does Your Memory Work?
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No Subtitles | 49 minutes | 350 MB | 4 Parts
Broadcast: BBC2 , 25 March 2008
Genre: Documentary | Special Subject


Horizon takes viewers on an extraordinary journey into the human memory. From the woman who is having her most traumatic memories wiped by a pill, to the man with no memory, this film reveals how these remarkable human stories are transforming our understanding of this unique human ability.

The stories of John and Genevieve are helping scientists to understand. John's memory was damaged at birth. Although he is intelligent, he can't catch a bus or cook a meal because he forgets what he is doing. Genevieve's problem is the opposite - she wants to forget. She is haunted by a sexual assault and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The findings reveal the startling truth that everyone is little more than their own memory.

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Horizon - How Does Your Memory Work?

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