iPaint Fresno Graffiti Documented

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iPaint Fresno Graffiti Documented

iPaint Fresno Graffiti Documented | 1.36 GB

From the streets of Fresno, California, the enchanting work of SUPER, MONSTER, TOKE from NEM CREW complemented by tasteful Artistry of PJAYS, SERUP from SFE Cruand more from all parts of Fresno city. East to West the North side and the real industrial areas. All of it put together in one video produced by Mitchel Daniel. The comprehensive coverage of graffiti entails live production paintings, bombs, soundtrack by PLANET ASIA, THE JACKA, WESSUN and more, plays with your hearts in the no. 1 A tribute to the ancient art of the days of the Egyptian hieroglyphics breathing life on the walls of modern day America. Enjoy this nice release!



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