Idi i smotri

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Idi i smotri (a.k.a. Come and see)
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A crowning achievement of 1980's Soviet cinema, Elem Klimov's Come And See is perhaps the ultimate WW II film. This savage and lyrical fever dream of death, rage and terror experienced through young eyes is a virtual primer for the subsequent, similarly psychedelic intensity of Terrence Malick's The Thin Red Line and Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan. Klimov's elegant, harrowing union of unflinching ferocity and dreamlike clarity moved Empire Of The Sun author J. G. Ballard to declare Come And See the greatest war film ever made. Time Out New York agreed, saying "Come And See's nimble balance of the sordid with the elegiac makes Peckinpah's Cross Of Iron seem like Newsies."

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