Incredible Dennis The Menace - Vol. 1

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Incredible Dennis The Menace - Vol. 1

Incredible Dennis The Menace - Vol. 1
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Navy DestroyerDennis believes HIS dad is the greatest of them all! But when Henry makes heroic headlines for capturing a prowler, Chuck Millman challenges the claim to greatness. This leads to a comical trip to the Naval Base, where Dennis believes his dad is “Head of the Whole Navy”.

Wish You Weren’t HereThe Wilsons and the Mitchells set out separately to go camping. But when the Mitchells’ car breaks down, George is forced to pick them up in his Wheelorama RV. Having Dennis along proves painful for George, especially when Dennis allows skunks into the RV. When he gets home he learns the skunks had spotted fever and he must be quarantined in the RV with Dennis!

Dennis The GeniusDennis cheats on a placement test and ends up in the “Genius” class where he meets a boy named Willard who has never really had fun. When Dennis takes him home, Willard applies his brilliance to skateboarding and baseball, breaking one of Mr. Wilson’s windows like a pro.

Yankee Doodle DennisIt’s the Fourth of July and Dennis and his friends are building a float for the parade. But when Margaret’s bossy leadership gets to be too much, Dennis and the boys declare their independence and build their own float. The only problem is, they need one more person to help pull it.

Mom’s HelperDennis hears his parents saying they’d like new furniture, so he and Joey sell all the Mitchells’ furniture along with Mr. Wilson’s favourite chair for forty-three dollars. When George finds his chair missing, he goes berserk, but helps Dennis and Joey buy back the furniture anyway.