Kevin Hoogan - Body Language: Reading and Understanding the Secrets

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Kevin Hoogan - Body Language: Reading and Understanding the Secrets

Kevin Hogan - Body Language
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A long time ago I was taught that when people look in certain directions, it indicated that the mind was accessing different parts of the brain to gather information. It turns out this was not correct. But it was during this time that I came across this unknown secret, if you will.

When two people are communicating and the eye contact is "consistent" and "useful" (those are elements that I define in the program and will not go into here) people feel significantly more comfortable when the other person "breaks" their eye contact by looking down instead of up. Not only did this turn out to be a liking issue but it is also is reported to be a trust issue. In other words, when people are breaking their eye contact up, up and to the left, eye level and to the right… the other person is responding negatively and not neutrally or positively.

I've had access to thousands of willing subjects over the last 11 years and I've had a chance to test ideas, quirks, techniques, everything. I've found out what matters and what doesn't. I've uncovered some truly spectacular nuances of behavior that make the difference between hearing "yes" or "no."