TV Course Lets learn japanese Basic 1 - Yan San and the Japanese people

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Lets learn Japanese is a TV study course for English speakers produced by The Japan Foundation. Its been aired in japanese TV ( 26 Episodes Basic I and 26 Episodes Series II, Basic II ) . Textbooks are also available ( See my other posts for download ).

The two seasons (Series I and Series II) were originally aired on television at a rate of one episode per day, with each episode consisting of two lessons. Text books which complement the series were also available; these contained vocabulary lists, explanations of grammar, transcriptions of scenes from within the programme, and cultural information about Japan. By now, the first book is out of print but the second book is still available from some sources. Both seasons used a drama called Yan and the Japanese People for instruction. This drama consisted of scenes which focus on the experiences of a young man named Yan a foreigner living and working in Japan.

Small Parts of Lets learn japanese can be found on Yourtube from time to time, here is your change to download the FULL Episodes !! ( Total 52 Episodes !!
26 for Basic 1 and 26 Episodes of Season 2 Basic 2 )

The Textbooks can be found here : )