The Method Pilates - Target Specifics

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The Method Pilates - Target Specifics

The Method Pilates - Target Specifics
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Abs (15 mins): Combines a series of simple, yet challenging, exercises that target both the deep set muscles that support the lower spine and the larger abdominal muscle groups that give shape and firmness to your waistline.
Arms(15 mins): Using only 1 to 3 lb. hand weights, this workout will firm up your arms (triceps, biceps and shoulders) without fear of bulking up.

Hips (15 mins): Features a combination of super toning exercises from yoga, dance strength training and Pilates inspired moves that will trim and firm the width of your hips.

Thighs (15 mins): Combines standing and floor exercises from yoga, dance and the work of Joseph Pilates which have been favored by dancers and models for many years.

The method's concept of integrated fitness allows you to learn and perform movements and exercises from four of the world's most proven physical conditioning philosophies: Yoga, martial arts, classical dance and the world of Joseph Pilates