(Psycho drama) Oliver's Story [DVDrip] 1978

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(Psycho drama) Oliver's Story [DVDrip] 1978

(Psycho drama) Oliver's Story [DVDrip] 1978
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USA 1978
Director John KORTY

Cast Candice Bergen, Edward Binns, Nicolas Pagett, Ryan O'Neal

In this sequel to the immensely popular tearjerker LOVE STORY, Ryan O'Neal reprises his role as poor little rich boy Oliver Barrett. This time, Oliver's in love with someone every bit as wealthy as he is–the recently divorced career woman Marcie Bonwit (Candice Bergen). The two young professionals are perfectly suited for each other yet shy away from commitment due to their respective losses. But as the couple edge closer and closer to a relationship, they begin to once again embrace life and and the possibility of new love.

Après la mort de Jenny, foudroyée par une leucémie, Oliver erre seul avec ses souvenirs. L’histoire d’amour passionnée qu’ils ont vécu ensemble ne lui permet pas d’oublier celle qui fut la femme de sa vie. Mais il rencontre Marcie, une formidable jeune femme qui l’aide à affronter de nouveau la vie…

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(Psycho drama) Oliver's Story [DVDrip] 1978
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