Once Upon a Forest

Posted By: MarijaS
Once Upon a Forest

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699MB 68min english language

Four animal friends – a badger, a mole, a hedgehog, and a mouse – live happily together in Dapplewood forest learning woodlore from a wise old badger who's hard at work on a flying machine. Disaster strikes when a chemical truck crashes at a nearby construction sight and releases toxic fumes into the forest, killing the trees and making the little badger gravely ill. Her three friends are dispatched by the old badger on a hazardous mission to bring back a special medicinal herb growing on a mountaintop so high it can only be reached in the old badger's flying machine.
Can Dapplewood Forest be saved? Meet Abigail, Edgar and Russell as they take off on an unforgettable journey of excitement and danger when they try to save Dapplewood and help their young friend Michelle who is in trouble in the forest, in this eco-friendly tale of courage.