Intermediate Rigging 1 - FK Spine, Leg & Foot Rig

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Intermediate Rigging 1 - FK Spine, Leg & Foot Rig

Intermediate Rigging 1 - FK Spine, Leg & Foot Rig

Intermediate Rigging 1 - FK Spine, Leg & Foot Rig by Paul Neale

In this DVD Paul will take you through rigging the Ogre’s Spine using an FK system in conjunction with wired control objects. He then demonstrates how to create an inverse foot rig using reactor controllers and scripted custom attributes to facilitate a smooth foot-roll system. Finally we learn how to modify the leg bones using expression controllers to create a working leg stretch system. This DVD is aimed at 3dsmax users that are familiar with the basics of rigging such as IK and FK systems, Expression, Script and Reactor Controllers and so on. The DVD along with the others in the series aims to take those fundamentals skills to the next level and to allow you to create production level character rigs that are flexible, easy to use and fast to work with.

Chapter 01: Creating The FK Spine
How to create a Forward Kinematic based spine rig.

Chapter 02: Control Objects
Paul shows how to create the control objects that will be used for the various aspects of the rig.

Chapter 03: Constraints & Wiring Paramaters
The FK Spine is setup by connecting it to its control objects via orientation constraints and parameter wiring.

Chapter 04: Leg & Reverse Foot Rig
Paul creates the bone rig necessary for the reverse leg/foot rig (a rig that allows for foot-roll)

Chapter 05: Scripted Custom Attributes
A set of Custom Attribute based controls is needed for the foot-roll rig. Here Paul shows how their creation can be

automated via MAXScript.
Chapter 06: Modifying Custom Attributes
Once created you may need to modify the Custom Attribute based interface. Paul shows how this can be done via


Chapter 07: Reactor Controllers
Paul moves on to show how the various foot controls can be rigged up to their respective bones via the Reactor

Controller interface.

Chapter 08: Leg Stretch System
As the inverse foot rig can become detached from the ankle, Paul shows how we can modify the leg IK system so that

it auto-stretches when the foot is extended too far.