The Trumpet of the Swan DvdRip

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The Trumpet of the Swan  DvdRip

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Young mute trumpeter swan Louie yearns to have a voice. He leaves his family's nest to learn to read and write in order to express himself. After befriending a young schoolboy named Sam, Louie learns to communicate and returns home with a chalkboard on which he writes messages for communication–but then decides that learning the trumpet would truly allow him to express himself. After Louie's father (voiced by SEINFELD's Jason Alexander) steals a trumpet for him, Louie must pay for it to restore his father's honor. He then sets out to become a world-class trumpeter, demonstrating the importance of expressing one's self. This delightful musical was based on the classic childrens' book by E.B. White (STUART LITTLE, CHARLOTTE'S WEB).