The Tzanani family (yossi)

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The Tzanani family (yossi)

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subtitles: Hebrew and English (built-in) | size 700MB | duration 1:25 | comedy

Mishpahat Tzanani

The Tzanani family (yossi)

this movie is about
the 25 years marriage couple zion and ziona who came from Yaman.
all there children living with them at the same neighborhood building.

The Tzanani family (yossi)

the Ben-Naim family that came from Persia, also living in the same building.
but between the two families theres a deep conflict and fight because their business.
the two families own a shop for saling shoes at Alenbi street (Tel-Aviv).
above all everybody suspicious at one another for having a roman with the opposite family.

The Tzanani family (yossi)

Zion cant find the intimacy warmth to give his wife
the expansive diamond ring that he bought her because they suspect each other.

The Tzanani family (yossi)

at last the Diamond ring finding her way to the mouth of Hananya Tzanani sun.

now every body waiting near the pot until the little boy lay his products.

The Tzanani family (yossi)

the actors in this movie
Gabi Amrani, Yosef Shiloh, Levana finkelshtein, Geaula Nuni
Aelisheva Michaeli, Haim Banay, Rivka Bachar, David Menahem

year of the movie 1976

i convert the movie to DivX from my Dvd Recorder

i hope you like the movie.
in our contry we laugh until now every time we see this movie.
we also laugh how the actors imitate the Yemenite and the persian peaple

The Tzanani family (yossi)

part 1


part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

part 7

part 8

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