Caricature : The Front View -DIVX-

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Caricature : The Front View -DIVX-

Caricature : The Front View
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Caricature : The Front View -DIVX-

Be the life of the party! Learn to draw caricatures and earn money too. This volume teaches the front view caricature you see done at parties, convention centers and amusement parks. Learn to capture an exaggerated likeness with incredible speed by following Jim's easy to follow instructions. This is the ideal reference tool for anyone interested in learning about caricatures. Very handy for portrait artists, too! Clear, concise information is presented with colorful graphics and plenty of examples, drawing tips, and insights. There is even a section on how to apply color to your drawings quickly and easily for maximum efficiency. Combine this volume with Volume One, The One Minute Caricature, and you are on your way to making big bucks as a professional caricaturist. No where else is so much information packed into 70 minutes. This volume is also an excellent reference for the practicing professional.

• exaggeration
• line quality exercises
• the individual features of the face
• formula for speed
• step-by-step procedural approach to the front view

Bonus section on:
• how to draw two people on a page
• coloring techniques