Yoga TV - The DVD For Switched On Living

Posted By: MarijaS
Balance your Body and Mind with The Powerful Techniques of YOGA.

ITS ESSENTIAL - A yoga mat, quality breathing and a Zen attitude are the coolest accessories a savvy health conscious person can carry today.

Tighter tummies, fighting injuries, losing weight, toning legs, beautifying and strengthening back - this 5,000 year old practice is good food for the soul, great glow for the skin and steals you half an hour of soothing calm to counter balance the stresses of everyday life. Now its at your convenience - yoga at your place.

YOGA TV - the smash series created for everyone who loves yoga but can't seem to get there is now on DVD. The team has chosen their most popular classes - straight from TV for you. Now, you can do one or more classes whenever you want. Meet Kris, Nils, Barbs, Anya & Kylie and get Switched on for Living.


circulation and energy

flexibility and vitality

sexual energy

strong back and flexibility

strong tummies

upper back and breathing