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"Healthcare Access" ed. by Amit Agrawal, Srinivas Kosgi

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"Healthcare Access" ed. by Amit Agrawal, Srinivas Kosgi

"Healthcare Access" ed. by Amit Agrawal, Srinivas Kosgi
ITexLi | 2022 | ISBN: 1839695676 9781839695674 1839695668 9781839695667 1839695684 9781839695681 | 323 pages | PDF | 14 MB

This volume brings together experiences and opinions from global leaders to develop affordable, sustainable, and uniformly available options to access healthcare services.

Adequate healthcare access not only requires the availability of comprehensive healthcare facilities but also affordability and knowledge of the availability of these services. As an extended responsibility, healthcare providers can create mechanisms to facilitate subjective decision-making in accessing the right kind of healthcare services as well various options to support financial needs to bear healthcare-related expenses while seeking health and fulfilling the healthcare needs of the population.

1. The Profession of Biokinetics in South Africa: The Need for Access to the Public Healthcare System
2. Structure, Processes and Results in Healthcare System in Slovenia
3. Demand for Health and Healthcare
4. Shared Decision-Making towards a Higher Quality of Care: Is This the Norm?
5. Coverage: Measure of Achieving Universal Health Coverage in Nigeria
6. Factors Influencing Access to Reliable Healthcare Financing among Elderly Population in Africa
7. Medical Hegemony and Healthcare: Centrality in Healthcare
8. The Implications of Health Financing for Health Access and Equity in Nigeria
9. Screening for Antenatal Depression by Midwives in Low Resource Settings in Primary Care Settings in Malawi
10. Associated Factors and Use of Health Services by Elderly Men in Northeast Brazil
11. Access to Emergency Healthcare
12. A New Approach to Surgical Gowns
13. Occupational Health and Safety in Operating Rooms
14. Accessing Oral Healthcare within a Context of Economic Transition
15. Patients’ (Clients) Satisfaction with Medical Laboratory Services Contributes to Health and Quality Improvement
16. The Modern Universal Total Knee Arthroplasty: Maximized Value, Streamlined Efficiency
17. Teva Pharmaceutical: Generic Market Access to Global Healthcare Industry
18. Impacts of Medical Tourism on Healthcare Access
19. Ethical Deliberation in the Allocation of Respirators and Beds during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Brazil
20. Geospatial Clustering of Mobile Phone Use and Tuberculosis Health Outcomes among African Health Systems
21. Improving Healthcare Access through Digital Health: The Use of Information and Communication Technologies

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