"Systems-of-Systems Perspectives and Applications: Design, Modeling, Gaming and Decision" ed. by Tien M. Nguyen

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"Systems-of-Systems Perspectives and Applications: Design, Modeling,  Gaming and Decision" ed. by Tien M. Nguyen

"Systems-of-Systems Perspectives and Applications: Design, Modeling, Simulation and Analysis (MS&A), Gaming and Decision Support" ed. by Tien M. Nguyen
ITexLi | 2021 | ISBN: 1839683287 9781839683282 1839683279 9781839683275 1839683295 9781839683299 | 214 pages | PDF | 17 MB

This professional technical book presents complex topics on System-of-System (SoS) and Systems-of-Systems (SOS) engineering, SOS enterprise architecture (SOSEA) design and analysis, and implementation of SOSEA framework along with the modeling, simulation and analysis (MS&A) models in MATLAB. The book extends the use of SOS perspectives for the development of computer simulation models for complex processes, systems, decision support systems, and game-theoretic models.

This book is intended for two reader categories; namely, a primary and secondary category. The primary category includes system engineers, SOS architects, and mathematicians. The secondary category includes scientists and researchers in space/airborne systems, wireless communications, medicine, and mathematics, who would benefit from several chapters that contain open problems and technical relevance.

1. Introductory Chapter: Recent Trends in Systems-of-Systems Design, Modeling, Simulation and Analysis for Complex Systems, Gaming and Decision Support Final
2. Systems-of-Systems Taxonomy: Space and Airborne Systems Perspective
3. Applications of Systems Engineering Technical Process Flows on Enterprise Systems
4. SOS Enterprise, SOSE CONOPS, SOSE Architecture Design Approach: A Perspective on Space and Airborne Systems
5. System-of-Systems Enterprise CONOPS Assessment Decision Support Tools
6. Chapter Review on Computer Simulation of Melt Spinning: A System of Systems Perspective
7. Simulating the Effect of Friction on Drive Screw Using System-of-System Modeling with Predetermined Torque
8. A System-of-Systems Perspective on Frequency Estimation: Time-Frequency Distribution of Multiple LFM Signals
9. Using Multi-Criteria Optimization in Decision Support under Risk
10. Collaborative Decision-Making Processes for Cultural Heritage Enhancement: The Play ReCH Platform
11. Existence of Open Loop Equilibria for Disturbed Stackelberg Games
12. Nash Equilibrium Study for Distributed Mode Selection and Power Control in D2D Communications
13. Perspective about Medicine Problems via Mathematical Game Theory: An Overview

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