"Vitamin C" ed. by Amal H. Hamza

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"Vitamin C" ed. by Amal H. Hamza
"Vitamin C" ed. by Amal H. Hamza
ITOe| 2017 | ISBN: 9535134221 9789535134220 | 138 pages | PDF | 12 MB

This book highlights recent advances on vitamin C and related topics. The chapters of this book include basic information about vitamin C function, sources and analysis, and radioprotective and antioxidant effect of vitamin C.

Also, the anticarcinogenic effect of vitamin C is introduced. Furthermore, we considered the encapsulation technique used in vitamin C preparation. Finally, recent advances in vitamin C transporter are illustrated.

1 Vitamin C: Sources, Functions, Sensing and Analysis
2 Vitamin C: An Antioxidant Agent
3 Radioprotective Effect of Vitamin C as an Antioxidant
4 Vitamin C Against Cancer
5 The Role of Vitamin C in the Protection and Modulation of Genotoxic Damage Induced by Metals Associated with Oxidative Stress
6 Vitamin C Transporter (SVCT2) Distribution in Developing and Adult Brains
7 Encapsulation of Vitamin C into β‐Cyclodextrin for Advanced and Regulatory Release
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