Alex and Leo (2010)

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Alex and Leo (2010)

Alex und der Löwe (2010)
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Genre: Comedy, Romance

On a Berlin Summer day, a chance encounter brings together two young men whose lives are in shambles. Alex is coping with a broken heart after his deadbeat boyfriend cheats on him; Leo is a media professional who can no longer hide the truth from his demanding, long-term girlfriend: he's been attracted to men all the while. So begins a summer of love and self-discovery for Alex and Leo. But before they can find bliss with each other, Alex must detach himself from his ex and Leo must unleash his inner lion to convince Alex's oddball clique of friends that he's a worth suitor.


"Alex and Leo" is mediocre in almost every way. The direction is clumsy (non-existent?), most of the actors really aren't that good (especially Marcel Schlutt (another porn star who desperately tries to act), the guy who's supposed to be carrying this flick, is excessively bad! Truly, the film's most unintentional horror is Schlutt's "acting"), and the awful camera work makes the whole thing painful to watch.

Some moments sparkle though. André Schneider has written a beautiful screenplay with some pretty nice jokes and characters in it. (About his acting one has to say kindly: he's proved his dramatic abilities elsewhere; here he's basically required to look petrified and sweet.)

The movie should be called "Tobi", because it's mainly the comedic timing and genius of Udo Lutz (who's never acted before!) that makes "Alex and Leo" worth watching. He's the ultimate gay super-bitch and shines above the rest of the cast. Definitely a talent to watch! (And sexy, too!)

Otherwise: who cares about German movies anyway?
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Alex and Leo (2010)