And Then Were None / Ten Little Indians (1974) [ReUp]

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And Then Were None / Ten Little Indians (1974) [ReUp]

And Then Were None (1974)
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Genre: Crime, Mystery

Director: Peter Collinson
Stars: Charles Aznavour, Maria Rohm, Adolfo Celi

Third cinematic outing for the classic Agatha Christie story (the first was in 1945, the second in 1965).

Richard Attenborough and Oliver Reed star in this 1970s adaptation of the classic crime novel 'Ten Little Indians' by Agatha Christie. Ten people from all over the world receive the same mysterious invitation to stay in a luxury hotel in the middle of the Iranian desert. When their host fails to appear, they settle down to dinner - and are all accused of murder by a pre-recorded voice (Orson Welles). As the guests subsequently turn up murdered one by one in the fashion of the nursery rhyme 'Ten Little Indians', the dwindling number of survivors struggle to discover who is responsible for the killings. Will anyone leave the hotel alive?

A group of strangers are gathered at a remote hotel in the middle of the Iranian desert, at the request of a mysterious - and unseen - host. There, they discover they've been invited because each of them is guilty of a horrendous crime. And now it's time for them to pay! Soon, someone begins killing the posse… one by one by one. Could someone in their group have an unknown reason for wanting all the guests dead? What little Indian will be left standing? Some gorgeous art/set design and a capable cast grace this decently orchestrated fare; Reed and Sommer especially are nice to see together while Attenborough shines in his… final moments.

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Ten people are sent invitations by a mysterious Mr Owen to attend a party. The party is at an Iranian hotel in the middle of the desert, so the guests are flown in by helicopter. The guests are all perplexed as to why they have been invited, as they do not know their host. The mystery deepens when Owen doesn't join the guests for dinner that evening. Then, as they all relax after dinner, a tape recording of Owen's voice booms through the speakers. In the recording, he accuses each of his guests of terrible crimes, and of evading justice. The disparite group first think it a sick joke, but when they start to die one by one, the smiles soon dissapear from their faces, especially when they start to realise that Mr Owen is indeed in the hotel, as he is one of the ten guests present. The nursery rhyme each guest has on their bedroom wall, soon becomes a chilling reality as the 'ten little indians' become nine, then eight, seven….

And Then Were None / Ten Little Indians (1974) [ReUp]

This film is the third adaptation of Agatha Christie's 'Ten Little Indians'. Both the 1945 and the 1965 versions contained more humour, but I think that this straight laced adaptation works best despite being far from perfect. The location of the story is changed from the island mansion in previous versions to the isolated hotel, but this proves to be an excellent move as the surrounding desert provides a very eerie atmosphere and the hotel itself is full of dark corners and long, twisting corridors. The guests are all given legitimate reasons for being there, some to work for Owen, others to assist him in some capacity and others as guests. There are a couple of great scenes, one being when the tape of Owen's voice accuses each in turn and the camera follows the guests around the room as they listen in stunned silence. The second is a marvellous scene with Dr Armstrong(Herbert Lom) and Judge Cannon(Richard Attenborough) facing each other on either side of the billiards table as the lights flicker dangerously. There's some terrific dialogue here as the two men play mental games with eachother.

And Then Were None / Ten Little Indians (1974) [ReUp]

On the minus side, the very wide range of accents on display here from the multi-national cast can be distracting at times, and some of the characters are a bit underdeveloped. A couple of the murders are a bit irrational as well seeming more like accidents than planned events.
The film has a distinguished cast led by Oliver Reed, the aforementioned Lom and Attenborough, and many others including Gert Frobe, Elke Sommer and Charles Azvanour. The whole affair reeks of the 1970's with it's all star cast and glamourous locations and style. That is however, a very good thing in my opinion, as is the lack of one of Christie's 'super' sleuths to conveniently work it all out at the end.

And Then Were None / Ten Little Indians (1974) [ReUp]

If you're looking for gritty realism or biting satire look elsewhere, but if you're in the mood for an old fashioned whodunnit to thoroughly entertain you then look no further, as this charming film fits the bill perfectly.
The Optimum release does the film justice, as it has a lovely picture quality, and decent sound quality too. 5 out of 5
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And Then Were None / Ten Little Indians (1974) [ReUp]

I just wanted to stand up for this version of the movie. I've read the book 'Ten little indians' and while it's set on an island and this 1974 movie is set in a desert, I feel that it is the closest to the feel of the book out of the four (?) versions I've seen. The 1945 and the 1960's movies were too light-hearted, too fluffy. This is a scary situation, with people trapped somewhere they can't leave, and one of them is taking a perverse delight in murdering them one by one. There is no room for humour in a movie like this. The 1974 movie is dark, with no needless humour injected, and this makes it feel a lot like the book did. My only grievance with the movie, is that, like all the others, it doesn't finish in the same way as the book. I'd really like to see a version that does. Oh, and Elke Sommers clothing is hideous, but that's the passage of time, more than anything.
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And Then Were None / Ten Little Indians (1974) [ReUp]

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