Gnomonology: Female Anatomy with Zack Petroc

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Gnomonology: Female Anatomy with Zack Petroc

Gnomonology: Female Anatomy with Zack Petroc
Duration: 60 min | 841 Mb

In this instructional video Zack Petroc elaborates on his approach to digital sculpting through the creation of a female character. Starting with a low resolution box mesh, the viewer watches as Zack begins by adding gesture and rhythm to the character and then takes the design through to final detailing. The lesson takes place in ZBrush 3.0 showcasing a unique approach to developing surface, reading three dimensional form, and establishing relationships between muscle groups. This lecture is intended for all students and professionals who wish to strengthen their character work through furthering their knowledge of human anatomy.

Overview Points:
Anatomical Structure
Form Development
Gesture Block-in
The Half Pose
Sculptural Rhythm
Weight and Balance
Superficial Anatomy
Organized Mesh Creation

Chapter 01:
ZB3 interface settings overview
The half pose
Gesture and rhythm
From relationships
Torso block-in
Leg & Foot block-in
Arm & Hand block-in
Torso refinement
Leg refinement
Art refinement

Chapter 02:
Modifying relationships
Establishing muscle groups
Hand refinement
Foot refinement
Head & face refinement
Hair refinement

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