Naruto Shippuden 016

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Naruto Shippuden 016

The secret of Jinchūriki
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Kakashi's and Guy's teams both figure out that their battles with the doppelgängers were set-ups to delay them from coming to Gaara's rescue. Granny Chiyo reveals that in attempts to control the power of the tailed beasts they were binded into human hosts called "Jinchūriki," and that the human host dies when the beast is extracted — increasing the urgency of saving Gaara. Kankuro is awake and joins a meeting of the Sand council where we also learn some more history of the Sand. Both teams stop to rest since their battles have taken their tolls and in prepation for the battles to come. Akatsuki sends Zetsu to dispose of the doppelgängers bodies.

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