Nightfall (1999) Abendland

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Nightfall (1999) Abendland

Nightfall (1999)
VHSRip | AVI | 640x400 | XviD @ ~1350 Kbps | 139 min | 1,46 Gb
Audio: German MP3 @ 128 Kbps | Subs: English hardcoded
Genre: Thriller, Drama

Director: Fred Kelemen
Writer: Fred Kelemen
Stars: Adolfo Assor, Thomas Baumann, Isa Hochgerner

In late 20th century Europe, turmoil and unemployment is widespread. Anton and Leni want to break out of the dark cocoon they have been living in and live in a world of sensuality and trust rather than work and materialism, but fate has other plans for them.

IMDB - 3 wins

Abendland, was one of the best movies of the I saw in 2000. It's a fabulous journey through pain, sorrow and fear of a wrecked couple over a night. Filmed in a beautiful way, with beautiful disturbing plans, music, sounds, and colors that match perfectly the despair of the characters. In movies like this, "boring" is not an available word.
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Nightfall (1999) Abendland

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