Balanta (1992)

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Balanta (1992)

Le Chene (1992)
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Genre: Comedy, Drama

A description of Romania before Ceausescu's downfall, through the story of Nela. Daughter of a former colonel of the Securitate, the romanian political police. She refused to become as her sister, an agent of this Securitate, and lives with her father. After he died, she leaves Bucarest, and ends up in a little town, where she meets Mitica, a surgeon, another herself, laughing of everything.


The second Pintilie movie I have seen recently (thanks to Duna TV) and even better than the previous one (O Vara de neuitat): a great movie indeed! This is the Romanian version of Kusturica's Underground, or perhaps I should I say the opposite, since Balanta is actually an earlier piece. The fast-paced, furious story packed with bitter irony and surrealistic moments (well, the closer you live to the country, the less surrealistic they are: comments from people living in Ceausescu's Romania state that the film has nothing "unreal" in it) captures the essence of one of the darker dictatorships of the former Communist Bloc, where the harshness of oppression is softened only by the corruption of the society. Just like Kusturica in Underground, Pintilie presents a very critical picture of the society but at the same time he clearly shows his sympathy towards his suffering but talented and charming nation. All in all: stunning pictures, perfect acting and shocking scenes combine in Balanta for a perfect piece of cinema.
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Balanta (1992)