Product Launch Formula - CD-ROM Tutorials

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Product Launch Formula - CD-ROM Tutorials

Product Launch Formula - CD-ROM Tutorials | 1.2 GB

FINALLY! After more than EIGHT YEARS of experiments, discovery, and refinement I have decided to unveil my entire A-to-Z formula for putting together bank-busting product launches and re-launches.

I'm going to take you by the hand and share the special "toolbox" of techniques and step-by-step blueprints that I use to get shocking results every time I launch (or re-launch) a product.

I will teach you EXACTLY how to turn normal, every day prospects into "FOAMING AT THE MOUTH" buyers who can't wait to order your product.

These strategies and tactics will create a rush of eager prospects anxiously waiting for you to let them hit that order button. And make no mistake - these techniques will work in virtually any market and with nearly any product.

What I'm about to reveal will also allow you to leverage your launch and build momentum – you will learn how to postion your launch so it takes your business to the next level. When You Learn The Turn-Key Formula For ANY Successful Product Launch:

You'll know exactly how to repeatedly create cash-on-demand style launch situations.

I want you to feel the rush of clicking that 'Send' button and having a flood of cash come rushing into your bank account… in minutes! A flood that can continue for days, and even weeks, after that first email goes out.

(Watch CD Rom Tutorial Volume 1: Fundamentals to learn how to create every detail of your "Game Plan" for becoming the star quarterback of your very own championship launch… whether you're an "old hand" or a complete rookie!)

You'll discover how to quickly & easily make a few simple changes to your offer that will instantly transform it from "has been" or "never was" into a proven cash-and-momentum generating winner. One that forms the foundation of a powerful and growing business.

Have you ever wondered how to turn a "worn out" product into a shiny new money maker? I'll show you a real-life example of a wildly successful re-launch - right down to the last email - so you can immediately put the same strategies to work in your business.

(Watch CD-Rom Tutorial Volume 8: Compressed Launches - Parts 1 & 2. You'll see my complete "36-Hour Launch" including every email and every detail of my re-launch of a product that was crippled by a server crash. You will get to watch as I crank the clock forward and bring in serious cash - fast - to make up for the sales lost from the server crash. You can use this EXACT SAME TECHNIQUE and adapt it to almost any situation you might find yourself in.)

You'll discover how to launch your product exactly like the pros. I'll take you "inside the cockpit" and give you a peek inside the exclusive world of the Internet marketing elite. You'll go "Behind The Scenes" of a seven-figure launch. And I'll show you how to take the lessons learned there and turn them into actionable ideas that you can use - quickly - in your business.

What could you have learned if you were in the "War Room" for John Reese's "Million Dollar Day?"

(That's what you're going to see. Listen To Audio Interview CD #1, #2, and #3 as online marketing master John Reese takes you step-by-step through his crowning achievement, the million dollar launch of "Traffic Secrets." John gets "down and dirty" and reveals the secret of the all-important psychological trigger that set the stage for a 7-figure day. This is critical never-revealed-before material.)

You'll discover how to unleash the real power of the joint venture. Even if you don't have a product, you can put on a super-successful launch. Can you really take a product that was created by someone else and is already being sold by others, and position that product to massively boost your income and momentum?

I'll show you exactly how one of my students did just that. He took an ordinary product already being sold by others and applied my Formula to massively overshoot his wildest expectations. He expected $6,000 - and he was stunned to find that he made that in the first few minutes. But that was just the beginning - his launch went on to make $67,419 in four days.

(Listen to Interview CD #10 for a no-stone-left-unturned breakdown of David Frey's five-figure affiliate promotion.)

You'll learn the tricks to getting an "unfair-advantage" in any niche, through my secret niche-marketing formula. You'll laugh as you 'compete' with businesses that have no idea of what an effective sales letter is, much less how to incorporate it into the Product Launch Formula.

I bring you up close and personal with secrets from some of the most cutting-edge niche marketers in the world. You'll learn key lessons from online marketers applying my formula successfully in niches from 'Dating Coaching' To 'Magic: The Gathering' with every single launch.

(Listen to Audio Interviews CD #8 and #9 with niche expert Mike Long, and learn how he has mastered my advanced testimonial strategies, and check out Mike's Launch in Case Study #6.)

You'll learn the simple process to systematically leverage any real event, no matter how great or terrible, for a powerful "Reason Why." From server crashes and tax bills, to weddings and births…

I'll take you into my own business and show you step-by-step how I turn ANY news - good or bad - into a valuable opportunity to connect with and inspire my prospects.

(Watch CD Rom Tutorial Volume 6: Quick Launches, to learn every aspect of turning a minor event into a fast, and powerful launch. This one not only paid my surprise tax bill, but it also used the IRS as a "reason why" to make my prospects JUMP! I will walk you through every email I sent, along with the exact landing page I used.)

Instead of guessing, you will know how to warm your prospects up to fever pitch, for a predictable and powerful (if sometimes shocking) response.

Many people overlook the important details of these strategies. I'll explain every last detail of the formula, so you can get world-class results starting with your first launch.

You will quickly master these strategies and make them your own. I designed the course to turn you into a product launch MASTER. The kind of marketer who can turn nearly any product from a "moneymaker" into a real "business."

Are you ready to "step behind the curtain?". Be sure to fasten your seatbelt, because here we go…

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Part 1
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