Reach for the Sky (1956)

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Reach for the Sky (1956)

Reach for the Sky (1956)
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Genre: Drama, War

Based on the novel by Paul Brickhill, this is the remarkable true story of Douglas Bader, a pilot in the RAF who overcomes every obstacle to prove his worth. He is a young and ambitious pilot who, after a plane crash, is badly injured. Although doctors expect him to die, he survives but loses both his legs. As his colleagues prepare for his horror and devastation, they find instead a determination in him which refuses to be changed by the accident. He re-enters the RAF where he is determined to continue his career as a pilot. A Winner of the BAFTA Film Award for Best Picture!

This may rate as one of the classic war films.

A (fairly) true to life film, about Douglas Bader, who it is reported was a fairly arrogant person, though highly driven.

Kenneth More in the lead role, delivers his usual top notch performance, and they rest of the cast just seem to fit together the way they should.

The film covers Baders life, and the loss of his legs in a flying accident that was in truth of his own making, and then how he puts his life back together afterwards.

It shows an amazing spirit and determination, to the extent that he got back into the RAF and became a successful pilot and air tactition.

This film should be watched by other people who have had the misfortune of an amputation, and i don't mean that in a condescending manner, Bader showed what you can do if you put your mind to it, he wouldn't let his disability beat him.

A really good movie, easily watched more than once, and good for more than one reason.
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Reach for the Sky (1956)

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