24 (2008)

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24 (2008)

24: Redemption (2008)
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Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime

Made-for-television thriller set after the events of season six of the award-winning series. On the day of President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones)'s inauguration, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), who is now working as a missionary in the African nation of Sangala, finds himself caught in the middle of a major uprising. Still wanted by the American government for his recent misdeeds, Bauer risks his life and freedom to prevent a brutal warlord from drafting a group of innocent children into his murderous militia and to transport the children to the safety of the American Embassy.


Love him or hate him, it’s good to have Jack Bauer back on our screens. Played with sneer and menace by Kiefer Sutherland, the ruthless ex-Counter Terrorism Unit agent is the kind of guy you’re glad is on your side, and this time, 24: Redemption finds him facing up to demons of his own.

Set between the sixth and seventh seasons of 24, Redemption transports Jack Bauer to Africa, and it doesn’t take long for trouble to flare up. His mission this time, only inevitably it gets more complex than this, is to get a group of orphans to the Embassy safely, even if it means putting his own freedom on the line.

While 24: Redemption leaves some of the familiar cast of the show at home, it does have some impressive names joining Sutherland on this particular adventure. Robert Carlyle’s mysterious character for one is a fine addition, and getting Jon Voight into a villainous role is entirely to be encouraged.

Most impressive of all though, 24: Redemption shows real signs of the franchise getting back on its feet, after the juddering, muddled sixth season, that left many wondering if the show had enjoyed its best days. Now? There’s a real thirst for season seven, and a hope that the extended break the show has enjoyed has been put to good use. Because nobody, nobody does this kind of edge-of-the-seat TV thriller better than the 24 team.
Jon Foster, amazon.co.uk
24 (2008)