SQL Server 2008 Video Tutorials

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SQL Server 2008 Video Tutorials

SQL Server 2008 Video Tutorials | 280 MB

Taught by a certified instructor these Microsoft SQL Server 2008 tutorials are a comprehensive learning resource that utilizes the power of video to present the training in a format that promotes fast learning and high retention. Suitable for users of all levels, the training is practical and provides the user with the fundamentals to use Microsoft SQL Server 2008 in a commercial environment. The pace of the tutorials can be controlled, allowing users to learn at the speed that suits them, the movies can be stopped, rewound or fast-forwarded at any time.
Files Include:

* Building Occasionally Connected systems.wmv
* Business Solutions with SQL Server 2008.wmv
* Change Data Capture.wmv
* Data Programmability and SQL Server 2008.wmv
* Database Mirroring.wmv
* Declarative Management NetworkHave.wmv
* Dimension Designer and Best Practice Alerts.wmv
* Extended Events.wmv
* Introduction to LINQ.wmv
* Microsoft SQL Server 2008_Beyond Relational.wmv
* New T-SQL Programmability Features in SQL Server 2008.wmv
* Next Release of Microsoft SQL Server_DW Enhancements.wmv
* Programming SQL Server 2008.wmv
* Reporting Services Enhancements_Report Designer, Visualizations, and Tablix.wmv
* SQL Server - 2008 Lab Manuals.rar
* SQL Server 2008 - Beginning of a New Era.wmv
* SQL Server 2008 Advanced Troubleshooting with Extended Events.wmv
* QL Server 2008 Data Management Overview.wmv
* T-SQL Enhancements and Date_Time.wmv
* Table Valued Parameters_MERGE SQL Statement.wmv
* Technical LiveMeeting Analysis Services - Improved Performance_Manageability.wmv
* Technical LiveMeeting Enterprise Scale Reporting Engine.wmv
* Technical LiveMeeting New DATETIME Data Type in SQL Server 2008.wmv
* Technical LiveMeeting New HieracrhyID in SQL Server 2008.wmv
* The .NET Language Integrated Query (LINQ) Framework.wmv
* The Next Release of Microsoft SQL Server_Manageability Overview.wmv
* The Value of Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2008.wmv
* XML Tools in Visual Studio 2008.wmv

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