The House Of The Demon (2007)

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The House Of The Demon (2007)

The House Of The Demon (2007)
English | 1h 25m 21s | 698.10 MB | XVID 910.13 kbit/s | 640x352 | 23.9760 fps | AC3 - 224.00 kbit/s
Genre : Horror

Their Halloween bash thwarted by a campus rule that prohibits parties, a group of young revelers venture out to celebrate at an abandon house on the outskirts of town, where evil awaits and demons roam free. It's Halloween, and everyone wants to party. But while the powers that be have banned campus parties, Charlie's recently deceased uncle has left him a sizable house that's just off-campus. But this house isn't as empty as first looks may suggest, because when the party gets underway, the demons come out to play.


The House Of The Demon (2007)



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