Betterphoto Adventures in Photography

Posted By: mojojo
Learn to see and appreciate light
Master the "Exposure Triangle"
Know how to choose the best ISO, shutter speed, and f-number
Understand file formats such as JPEG and Raw
Select the right white balance setting
Compose with the Rule of Thirds
Digital photograph any subject, whether it is your child, a scenic, a close up flower, your favorite pet, your friends and family, and more…
This exciting and dramatic DVD is fun to watch even for non-photography enthusiasts. With the help of Triple "D", we explore the universal tips and techniques while photographing wildlife models, cowboys, colorful horses, and Yosemite Valley.

This dramatic and helpful DVD is divided into four shows and is packed with all you need to know to take great digital pictures. The DVD includes additional tips from great photographers such Jim Zuckerman and Lewis Kemper. The DVD bonus materials include a digital photographer's Buyer's Guide, a collection of top tips for easy reference, and a short documentary on what goes into this kind of wildlife photo shoot.

I just received your Digital Photography Unleashed DVD today and could not wait to "spin it up! I was glued to it for quite a while and will have to finish it as well as revisit it many times.

The content is excellent and applies to photographers at all levels. It is never too late to revisit the basics of photography as well as grasp them as a new student of the art of light and to understand how the camera sees vs. the human eye.

It is a great training tool for amateurs to reinforce the basic of digital and film photography learned in class like I did a year ago.

I am planning to use your video as one of the Central Connecticut Camera Club upcoming activities and it will get many other uses.

My grade is A+