Gaiam Yoga for Strength and Energy (DVD-Rip)

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Gaiam Yoga for Strength and Energy (DVD-Rip)

Gaiam Yoga for Strength and Energy (DVD-Rip)
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This Yoga Journal DVD contains two workout programs: "Yoga Practice for Strength" and "Yoga Practice for Energy."

In "Yoga Practice for Strength," teacher Rodney Yee begins the lesson with variations of sun salutations and poses such as the dog, triangle, and others. In the second, more intense sequence, Yee leads the bridge, shoulder stand, warrior, and balancing poses, his narration soothing and his technique inspiring. Very difficult poses, such as the crane pose and pendulum pose, comprise the end of the set. This session is not recommended for those new to yoga because it is quite strenuous; students should first be familiar with the vinyasas to ensure that the poses are reached and held correctly.

"Yoga Practice for Energy" is a different kind of workout. Filmed at the beach on Maui, the sessions Awakening, Centering, Creativity, Reflection, and Surrender offer movements that follow the cycle of the sun through the course of a day. Viewers are encouraged to first try the entire tape several times, and then use the sessions that correspond to their needs at any particular time. For example, if you've just trudged in the door from a hectic day, you may want to use the Reflection session, in which "a cooling, tranquil series of forward bends and hip openers let all activities of the day seep in like watercolors setting into paper." Almost no narrative accompanies the five practice sessions, and if you are a beginner you may feel lost at first viewing.